Police report thefts and violence

Barbara Lawlor

On Oct. 1, a local business owner reported that someone had damaged the exterior light fixture on the north side of her building. She said that someone also stole some flags from her building about two weeks ago. Whoever stole the flags jumped the six-foot fence that separates her business and the adjacent business. The owner mounted carpet tack to the fence to discourage others from jumping it. She also installed motion activated flood lights.
The responding officer reported someone unscrewed the motion sensor to turn the lights off. That didn’t work so he or she hit the lights, breaking the filaments. A new kind of security system will be installed. No suspect information is available.
On Oct. 5, a Nederland Police Department officer contacted a man who had a warrant for his arrest out of Boulder County. He asked for identifications to confirm he had the right person. The man had an active felony warrant for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He was transported to the Boulder County Jail.
On Oct. 7, an officer on routine patrol saw a blue Ford Ranger traveling at a high rate of speed on First Street. He followed the vehicle and clocked him going 40 miles per hour in a 24-mph zone. He pulled the driver over and when he approached the car he noticed a handgun next to the driver’s right knee. It was a Smith and Wesson 9mm SW9VE. The officer drew his gun and told the driver and the passenger to get out of the vehicle and put their hands on the vehicle.
There was a strong odor of alcohol. The driver said he had one beer and then failed his roadside maneuver test. He was placed in custody and transported to Boulder County Jail. On the way to jail, he asked the officer if he believed in Demons. He blew a .202 in a breath test. When asked why he had a gun, he said there are a lot of strange folk in Nederland. When the officer asked why he carried the gun into the bar, the suspect said, “why not?”
The man was charged with prohibited use of weapons, driving under the influence second offense, DUI per se and no proof of insurance. He was booked into the Boulder County jail.
On Oct. 8, a woman came into the Nederland Police Department to report that she was bitten by a neighbor’s dog. She said she was walking her dog when two dogs off leash approached them. The unleashed dogs nipped at her dogs. One of them was injured and required stitches. The owner of the suspect dogs came to see how the injured dog was. The owner said the bill was $207.22l. A summons was issued for dog at large and vicious animal.
On Oct. 17, an officer received a report from the Nederland Community Library saying that someone had forcibly removed an IPad from the teen section of the library. At that time in the Library were two regular patrons and an unfamiliar person who had drab clothes and a vacant look in his eyes. Damage and cost of equipment is about $800. If anyone has any information contact the police department at 303-258-3250.
On Oct. 22, at 11:30 p.m., a Nederland officer responded to a reported disturbance. When he arrived at the residence he saw a man leaving the apartment, crying, with visible injuries to his face and neck. His right eye was swollen shut and he had multiple cuts and abrasions on his face. Blood was visible on his right front pants leg.
The man said his stepfather beat him up. The officer entered the apartment and talked to the man, the stepfather. The man said he and his wife were sleeping when his stepson became angry that his computer mouse wasn’t working and he began pounding on the computer. When the stepfather went to talk to him, the stepson rushed him and began striking him with his fists. The two men wrestled.
The younger man complained of chest pains and difficulty breathing. The Nederland Fire District paramedics examined the man and transported him to Boulder Community Hospital.
Both men were charged with assault and will appear in court on Nov. 14.