Gold Hill quilts go to fire victims

Barbara Lawlor
Gold Hill

Although the Fourmile Canyon Fire has long been extinguished, the impact it had on the mountain residents who lost their homes will last forever. The mountain communities pursue ways to help those who have chosen to return to the community.
In Gold Hill, a group of community members decided they would make quilts to give to those who lost their homes in September 2010. Challenged by a member of the community who lost everything during the fire, this group came together to create a quilt for that neighbor who said her dream was to have a handmade quilt for her bedroom.
That request started a quilting frenzy. When The Gold Hill Quilters realized that they could bring her dream to fruition, they set out to not only make a quilt for her but for everyone who lost their home during the fire and intended to come back to Gold Hill.
To date, the group has made six quilts and an additional quilt has been donated by a quilting group in Boulder. They remain devoted to creating quilts with the hope that having something handmade by the community will help set the path toward a brighter future.
The Gold Hill Quilters is open to any and all who wish to help out. They’ve had many participants in the last year, including those who wish to financially support their efforts. Contact Debra Yeager at 303-881-7665 for more information.