Eldora shoots for early opening

Barbara Lawlor

Last week a couple of I-70 ski areas opened for the season. Even if it meant having only one run available for the early season crowds, they vied for boasting rights on the 2012 to 2013 winter recreation.
Eldora Mountain Resort typically begins operating right around Thanksgiving. The snowmakers rev up the guns and plaster the front trails while they work as fast as they can to get Corona open.
This year, EMR has announced that, “Cold temperatures and a burst of winter weather over the weekend allowed Eldora Mountain Resort to begin snowmaking operations for the season.”
Eldora has recently added 100 new low-energy HKDR snow guns to its fleet. “These new guns will significantly reduce our energy usage for snowmaking,” said Eldora Spokesman Rob Linde, “and provide a great snow surface for Eldora skiers and riders in the early season.”
In past years, EMR has had some of the best snow in Colorado thanks to its snowmaking expertise during drought times.
The snowmaking crews will cover the slopes whenever temperatures drop to the right coldness. As of now, EMR plans to open on Friday, Nov. 16, the week before Thanksgiving.

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