Join the feel good community event

Barbara Lawlor

Thanksgiving is a little over a month away and families are already going back and forth about who is going where and bringing what. Imagine planning a dinner for at least 500 people. A month is just about enough time to get the details in order, make a shopping list, prepare the decorations and, most of all, to gather a team of volunteers.
Each year, the Town of Nederland and the Nederland Community Center and a group of fun-loving volunteers put together the best deal in town. All you can eat turkey and the fixings, free, for nothing. The tab is taken care of. On Sunday, Nov. 18, from noon to 3 p.m. Thanksgiving Dinner will be served to the community.
Volunteers are needed to help set up the serving area, the eating areas, the kitchen and the beverage stations. They are needed to decorate, to man the side dishes, wielding serving spoons, to clear the tables and refill the food containers.
The dinner will proceed pretty much as it did last year. Local Chef Kim Culver will run the kitchen. Bette Ventrella will serve the deserts. Jim Elder will carve turkeys. Roger Cornell will mash potatoes. Kayla Evans will serve the gravy and a new corps of volunteers will support the leaders. It has been said that best friends were found at this dinner, bridge partners contacted, play days arranged and even a date or two was inspired. Anything can happen. Having fun will happen. Good food for sure.
A vegan table will hold all kinds of alternatives to turkey and gravy — organic and delicious dishes — and servers are needed to explain the recipes. Someone needs to keep the coffee coming.
If you are eager to jump into the heart of Nederland’s community and to spend a few hours making many people’s day brighter, then sign up at, or call Janette Taylor at 258-3586.
If you are interested in cooking one of the turkeys, call Barbara at 258-7225 or email balawlor
The clock is ticking.
There will be more reports on the progress of the turkeys as it happens. It is never too early to jump on board.