What’s that you say?

We hope what we read was not what you meant to write. Staff members of The Mountain-Ear love receiving letters to the editor. The letters to the editor section is an important forum for Peak to Peak residents. Sometimes, though, letters border on the slanderous and libelous, and these cannot be printed.
We get the fact that it’s easy to sit down at the computer and wail away about whatever concerns writers have. No one is there to argue with you and you don’t have to stand up in public or debate with someone. Still, letters should be written in the same way you would make a presentation in public. After all, this is a public forum.
The Mountain-Ear participates in elections and forums but does not print slanderous or derogatory letters, even during an election, because we believe everyone deserves a fair chance in an election. We do not participate in mudslinging or back and forth arguments by one party then the other. Our focus is small town news, schools, venue coverage, business coverage and more.
Letters to the Editor are printed in the order they are received. We have received suggestions that time sensitivity be considered above order received, but that would open us to subjectivity in printing the letters. Those who have timely letters would be well-served to get them in a week ahead of time.
Letters are due by Monday at noon. If you send a letter and we are already full, your letter will be printed the next week. Letters may be edited for length, grammar and spelling. Letters must be emailed to bhz@themountainear.com. No hand written letters will be accepted.