Central City approves grants, leases police cars, denies raise

Central City approves grants, leases police cars, denies raise
Lynn Hirshman
Central City

The Central City Council renewed the liquor licenses for two casinos at its Feb. 21 meeting. Both Johnny Z’s and Doc Holliday’s had their licenses renewed with no discussion.

Honoring Girl Scouts

Mayor Ron Engels presented a Girl Scouts Centennial Proclamation, recognizing and honoring the Girl Scouts for 100 years of leadership and expertise as the voice for and of girls and to proudly proclaim 2012 as “Year of the Girl in the State of Colorado.”

No raise for Historical Society docents

Finance Director Shannon Flowers explained that through 2011 Central City and the Gilpin County Historical Society (GCHS) joined together in an effort to have more historical activities available for City visitors. To that end, the City leased a portion of Washington Hall to the Historical Society so that a museum display area could be open during the winter months. The City agreed to provide the funding for the docent working in the museum, as GCHS could not afford it.
It was agreed that the docent would be paid the same wage as that of the City’s Visitors’ Center employees, $10 per hour. The funding for this docent is budgeted out of the Historic Preservation Fund, Historic Tourism and Non-profit line items. The GCHS voted at its January Board meeting to give docents a 50-cent per-hour increase. GCHS then asked the Council to consider covering the cost of the Washington Hall docent’s increase in 2012.
The cost to the City for the Washington Hall docent is $25,287 for 2012, based on the increased hours and days of operation. This 50-cent per-hour increase would be an additional $1,264.33 per year. The City did not budget for this increase and was not aware that the GCHS intended to give an increase.
Mayor Engels stated that City staff did not receive an increase in wages for 2012; nor did the GCHS ask the City for this increase in advance of its decision. As a result, Alderman Bob Giancola moved to deny the request for the GCHS pay increase request. Alderman Shirley Voorhies seconded; and, without discussion, the motion carried unanimously.

2012 Grant Program

Planning Director Greg Thompson reported that, in 2011, the City provided grants to 11 property owners for repairs to buildings. There were eight minor grants and three significant grants of more than $10,000. The total amount budgeted was $100,000. Last year, the Council placed an increased emphasis on life, safety and welfare requests over aesthetic issues.
This year, the 2012 budget for grants again provides for $100,000 from the Historic Preservation Fund. Some proposed changes to the grant program include a name change, to 2012 Grant Program; a claw back provision; Victorian Landmark restoration addition; criteria addition; and more details for exceptions.
At its Feb. 8 meeting, the Historic Preservation Commission reviewed and approved the proposed changes. The deadline for applications for the 2012 grant will be March 30.
Alderman Spain moved to approve the 2012 Grant Program with the proposed changes as presented. Alderman Giancola seconded and, without discussion, the motion carried unanimously.

Professional Services Agreement with JVA, Inc., for engineering services

The Council passed Resolution No. 12-03,  approving a Professional Services Agreement with JVA, Inc., for engineering services. Operation Director Kent Kisselman explained to the Aldermen that JVA, Inc., is a Boulder-based engineering firm. There is no retainer fee for this agreement. Fees are collected based on the on-call services provided as shown in the agreement and billing rate schedule. Staff interviewed several other firms and was very pleased with the qualifications and services JVA has to offer. JVA also recently completed work for the City in a timely, cost effective and professional manner.

Police Department gets three new vehicles

Police Chief Terry Krelle noted that the 2012 budget included $40,000 for the lease purchase of replacement police vehicles. Staff members have obtained pricing via the State Bid system for three Special Service Chevrolet Tahoes. By purchasing these vehicles, the City will be able to return to an all-four-wheel-drive fleet.
These new vehicles will be obtained via a Lease/Purchase through Ally Financing, with the actual lease document to be presented for Council approval in the near future. The total cost of the lease purchase will be $95,499 spread out over 3 years.
Chief Krelle also stated that the Police Department has a new Officer in training.

Parkway maintenance

In response to a concern of a citizen, Manager Alan Lanning stated that the City has several years of deferred maintenance and repair on the Parkway that the city plans to “self perform some of the problem areas” in order to keep cost down.
Alderman Rita Lee asked about the crack seal work on the Parkway. Operations Director Kisselman explained that the company that is doing that work will, as the weather improves, redo any crack seal that did not take. The next step for maintenance will be chip seal at a cost of $1 million, and a full overlay at $3 million to $5 million. Manager Lanning stated that these projects are in the plan as the City retires bond debt in the next few years.
The next scheduled meeting, for March 6, has been cancelled, so the next meeting of the Central City Council will take place on March 20 at 7 p.m.