Ask Pat Our Town — How does it work?

Pat Everson

Question of the week: Why should I vote?

For many of us, the right to vote is taken for granted. Some of us exercise that right, while others do not. One of the most important privileges granted to U.S. citizens is the right to vote. Today that right is easily obtained as the registration process has been simplified in Colorado to the “motor-voter.” Obtain a Colorado Driver’s License, and you can automatically register to vote.
Do we all go to the polls? In a small town like Nederland, that right to vote is moreimportant than ever. Here every vote counts and counts big. Just remember our Library District vote, with an even bigger number of voters, it passed by 4 votes. Did your vote count in that election? It sure did!!
In the upcoming April 3 election your vote is just as important. For Mayor there are three candidates: Joe Gierlach, present mayor; Chris Perret, a former mayor; Jim Stevens, former Town administrator.
For Board of Trustees, four positions are up for election with six people running: Annette Coughwell, a recent appointment to the Board; Peter Fiori, also a recent appointment to the Board; Randy Lee, also a Trustee; Dianne Flemming, new to the political scene but who has been involved with many important issues in Town; Ledge Long, a long-time resident who is new to politics; Kris Larsen, presently on the Planning Commission.
These candidates have each given innumerable volunteer hours to help our Town. So if you liked how it was done or think that someone else can do a better job, now is the time to step up to the plate and vote.
The next several years will set the course for Nederland moving forward in the 21st Century. On the schedule is the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Advisory Board Survey for Parks and Recreation, including Boating on Barker, a kayaking course, new trails, a fishing pond and other forms of recreation.
For the Nederland Downtown Development Authority, a revision to the “Strategic Master Plan from 2007,” after the appointment of a new NDDA Board by the Board of Trustees. The Town is planning a “Comprehensive Plan Update,” concerning land use and the development review process.
These surveys and Plans will impact the direction of the Town for many years to come. Government in this new generation is a problem of collective action, and in a small Town like Nederland, it is simply what we do together. Voting now, but later volunteering for various boards and making the effort to keep informed.