Laurie Dameron- Songs that Soothe

Laurie Dameron- Songs that Soothe

Laurie Dameron has produced and arranged three cds in her journey back and forth from Colorado to Utah, touring and playing for about 30 years. Her albums include all of her own vocals and guitar work as well as a lot of her own percussion. She integrates her love for and connection with the earth into original lyrics but has also mastered the traditions that have contributed to her style. From the very personal Utah Dream to the latter two jazz albums, she expresses musical depth as well as original style and a mastery of craft. She’s spiritual, soulful, funky and feminine. Vocally, she draws the listener in with a lighter feminine touch and then delivers the goods with her deeply soulful growl. It’s sweet, then velvety, then sassy, and always bluesy. Her impeccable guitar work has earned her much praise over the years and she continues to nail it on the last album of standards.

Utah Dream, her first album, features diverse arrangements and instrumentation. Along with the bluesy, rootsy songs she’s well known for, she includes folk tunes with classical guitar and cello as well as plugged in pop tunes. She was inspired to produce a very personal collection by her love for hiking, biking and meditating in Utah. The song content and arrangement are often bluesy even in the Bonnie Raitt style pops songs, with strong electric guitar, keys and horns on most tracks. But she also explores Latin rhythms as well and classical folk in Utah Dream. The folk songs are true pop and remind me of later Joni Mitchell, still complicated while offering up catchy lyrics and melodies. Her earth centered song writing defines a lot of Utah Dream, from the reggae tune, “Changin Mother Nature”, to her own experience of faith and exploration in “I Believe”.

In her second album, Looking through the Blue, she explores neo-traditional jazz through 12 original jazz tunes, only 3 of which include vocals, which are clear and smooth. Her work on this album is tight and polished compared to the rootsy diversity of Utah Dream. She performs all of the guitar work and vocals. One of her greatest influences, Pat Methany inspired the song “Sunlight in a Snowstorm”. She wrote that piece on her birthday in 1978 upon her High School graduation, while stuck inside during a May Colorado snow storm. She recorded both of these albums with engineer Joe Scott in Berthoud, Colorado, and Steven McNamara mastered the second in Louiseville at Sounds True Studio. Joe Scott was a member of Wind Machine, who put out 17 albums in their time together. Other members of the Colorado music scene and some former members of Wind Machine who contributed to these albums were: Holly Holverson on keys, Taylor Mesple on keys, Michael Olson on bass, Larry Thompson on drums, Christian Teele on percussion, Laura Newman on sax, and Bob Rebholz on Sax and Flute.

Laurie’s latest project includes 12 of her favorite jazz standards and one original, the title cut, “I Can’t Wait to See You Again,” which won an award in the 16th and 17th Billboard Magazine World Song Contest. The third album was recorded, engineered and mixed at Far and Away Studios in Boulder by Geoff Gray and mastered by Grammy Award winner David Glasser at Airshow. It also features most of the Colorado musicians from her previous cds as well as Bijoux Barbosa on bass, and Dexter Payne on Clarinet. Her impeccable guitar work really defines this latest album as well as her soft, clear and inviting vocals. The listener can’t help but sit back and relax while listening to I Can’t Wait to See You Again. Her interpretations of the standards, including a fantastic version of “Ain’t Misbehavin,” glow with an understated warmth and sophistication.
Laurie exemplifies the hardworking versatile musician of our day: she plays in so many different styles, it’s hard to imagine a setting she wouldn’t fit into perfectly. She’s performed at the Boulder Creek Festival, Capital Hill People’s Fair and A Taste of Colorado and the 2008 Colorado Democratic Convention. Other performances include Denver’s popular clubs including Dazzle Jazz Club, The D Note, Mead Street Station and Mary’s Lake Lodge in beautiful Estes Park. She has opened for some of Denver’s most popular bands such as The Informants, The Delta Sonics, Lionel Young Band and Chris Daniels and the Kings. She also toured New Zealand in 2010. Catch her out at Denver’s Mercury Café on March 9th, Jamestown Mercantile on March 16th, and Boulder’s Rock and Soul Café on the 17th.

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