Whats in store for 2012!

Upcoming special issues: Frozen Dead Daze : the history in print.

This is a special edition that will include all the articles we have ever covered pertaining to Grandpa Bredo and Frozen Dead Guy Days. Estimated print date is February 20, 2012.

Special Valentines issue of The Mountain-Ear will include Valentines to your sweetheart! Contact us today to be included. Cost is $25 per Valentine shaped heart. These will be on the color pages February 9, 2012!

And welcome back favorite cartoonist George Blevins. We will be running some of the best historical Cabin Fever cartoons starting next week. Have a favorite you want to see? Just send me an email and I’ll try to dig it out of archives!

Also, Sudoku and Crossword puzzles will be back next week.

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Contact bhz@themountainear.com or call 303-258-7075 for more information.

Happy New Year!!