Occupy Dirty Energy!

Occupy Dirty Energy! Solar Energy Solutions Now.
Gea Franklin
Boulder County

The United States is on the forefront of an energy revolution. Homes and businesses need energy to do just about everything to function in today’s world. Sources of energy are evolving from a destructive, extraction model (mining, drilling, storing nuclear waste) to sustainable and renewable, and solar energy is on the front lines, creating a better choice to traditional dirty energy sources. The beauty of solar is that it is truly clean, green, renewable and sustainable. The sun produces enough energy in one hour to provide energy for the whole world.
In Boulder County, the sun shines over 300 days a year. This is one of the best places in the world to utilize solar energy, and it goes without saying, mountains residents are seriously concerned with and committed to best practices to preserve, protect and enhance the natural environment.
Every solar panel that is used for energy provides us with a positive solution and an alternative from the negative impact of extraction forms of energy that pollute the earth, air and waters. One of the most exciting new opportunities in renewable energy is Solar Leasing. With no money down people can utilize solar energy for less than their monthly utility bill. By choosing green energy solutions, they make it clear where priorities are and where resources are being invested.
“With our solar leasing, people benefit by having their own clean power source on their roofs, protecting themselves against the ever rising costs of electricity. You can replace your monthly electricity bill with a monthly solar lease payment, and save money at the same time,” said Theresa Minogue, sales representative at Lighthousesolar, founded in Nederland. “There are several options to choose from. So people can find a solution that works for them.”
After the mind-blowing wind storm a couple of weeks ago, Lighthousesolar was thankful, but not totally surprised, to see every one of the solar systems they have installed in Nederland hold up and function at 100 percent.
These systems include many high profile systems that catch the western winds with full force: Nederland Community Center, Nederland Elementary School, Teen and Family Center, Senior Housing on Second street, Columbine Family Medicine, Carousel of Happiness and many residential systems.
For more information contact Lighthousesolar,3550 Frontier Ave., Boulder, CO 80301, telephone 303-638-4562, or www.lighthousesolar.com.