Concerned citizens write letter to State Officials regarding Post Office closing


Concerned citizens of Ward, CO write letter to Senator Bennet, Udall and Congressman Polis:

Re:  Docket 1386382-80481
Item Nbr:13
Page Nbr:1

On September 28, 2011 Marcela Rivera, District PO Review Coordinator for
the Ward, Colorado Post Office, reviewed, signed and certified a Proposal
to Close that contain innaccurate facts and information regarding the age
of the Ward Post Office building, the historical significance of the Ward
Post Office, historical events relating to the Ward Community, the number
of business in the Ward Postal area , the number of non-profit
organizations in the Ward Postal area, and the disadvantages of proposed
alternate service to customers.

The correct facts had been presented to her in oral testimony and in
writing three weeks earlier at the September 6, 2011 meeting with Ward
Postal Customers, witnessed by attendees James Thompson (Senator
Udall), Danielle Henry (Congressman Polis), Colorado State Senator
Jeanne Nicholson, and over 60
Ward Postal area customers, as well as in copies of letters written by the
Boulder County Commissioners, two historic organizations, and letters from
Colorado Representative Claire Levy and Colorado State Senator Jeanne
Nicholson.  All of the correct information known at the time to Marcela
Rivera were ignored and incorrect facts were certified three weeks after
she received correct information about the Ward Post Office.

We do not feel that it consistent with USPS procedures and regulations for
a USPS employee to Certify information that is known at the time to be

We request an Investitgation into this Certification and request that you
ask the USPS to re-issue a Proposal to Close that contains   information that is
consistent with the facts about the Ward Postal area that were  known by the
USPS Review Coordinator on the date of Certification.  As you are our
elected representative, we expect an explanation for this behavior on the
part of a government agency — plainly stated, it’s called lying.

In addition, we want you to know that we strongly feel that the USPS
Closing process is a SHAM —- we provided correct information to the USPS
at an early date because we knew the USPS had a history of including
innacurate information in Proposals to Close, we knew that in the past the
USPS did not correct inaccurate information, and issued Final
Determinations based on inaccurate information, and we knew that  the Postal
Regulatory Commission continually ignored factual innacuracy and USPS
violations of its own Postal Code Regulations and summarily denied appeals
without explanation.

We feel that Certifying known inaccurate information is an eggregious
example of USPS Code violations that are common throughout the United
States and in our case, clearly point out that community input is not

In addition to requesting an investigation into this Certification, we
request that you demand an immediate Moratorium on Closing Rural Post
Offices until such time that tranparency and procedural issues  are resolved.

Pat Cypher
Citizens to Save the Historic Ward Post Office